Sunday, February 1, 2009

let down yet again...

I have to learn how to build a wall, that protects myself and other people from me being disappointed. I am fed up with people in my life, only considering and caring for themselves. it is disgusting how people are when it involves something they dont see or care to try to see. My interests and feelings are second to every single situation and point of view. I am not asking for my opinion and feelings to be rules or facts, but just to be heard and adjusted to. Noone cares. I have learned every one in this world, is strictly out for themselves. I am selfish in ways, but not when it comes to someone i love and care about. They actions and feelings are just as important as my own. I have grown up in that regard and continue to learn how more mature and advanced in certain views that i am now than i ever was before. My health is good, (knock on wood) and I have no more reasons to use that as an excuse. Health in any form, good or bad should not be an excuse. For some people its their alibi. sad

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Tracey said...

do you know, reading that was like you'd been reading my mind!

It's not all people though.. some are great