Saturday, December 27, 2008


Coming from myself, It is something I had become familiar with. Never In my life did anything I want, go to plan. I always had to alter it and change it to conform to people around me. When I got sick, I didn't have  say. I didn't decide I wanted to quit school and working and being a normal 18 year old. I didn't have a decision what so ever on that one. Every step and move I made for 2 and half years during my chemotherapy treatments, was dictated by a doctor or a nurse. I did make the decision to move to San Diego, which ended up shaping my life and my personality into what I am today. I made the decision to come home from San Diego, to take care of my mother, whom spent every day and second with me when I was sick. I figured its in my and her best interest for me to be home, rather than her freaking out every second me not being home. I sacrificed my lifestyle and the direction my life was going for my mother. I do not regret anything in life. But I am very disappointed in how my life is going now. If it weren't for the book, I do not know where I would be headed. With the idea I have in my mind, to help other cancer patients in their battle, with the book, that is fueling the fire... I am very excited about the book. Maybe it will take me back to San Diego, where I really am supposed to be.

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ShoppingKharma said...

You know in life we have to take what we are dished. Too bad that this disease is growing with out a cure. I hope our Government is really, honestly looking out for us. We need a cure so that we don't have to suffer further and further. I wish you all the best for a continued remission.

On another note, I just nominated your blog for a "Lemonade Award".

Do check it out! Happy 2009! Here's to a cure in our lifetime!)