Monday, December 22, 2008

return from San Diego,

After being stranded in San Francisco Airport, since arriving at 12:27pm, pinching myself realizing I'm sitting in my computer chair. Not the floor next to gate 85 watching thousands of people pass by. My life consisted of a bottle of Power C Vitamin water, my Ipod and my blackberry. I knew noone but my girlfriend and my dad who kept me busy with consistent vibrating ringtones. Looking across to my right beyond the moving sidewalk, a line of about 150 people trying to figure out what their next move was. I picked a good spot to sit, the departure screen was right in front of me, the bathroom was less than 10 feet to my left. I had my phone charging, my life line to my life charging, and my far left was a bar. My life was simple. I felt homeless. Living off of what I had on me. I was lonely but content. Couldn't stop thinking about how I wanted to improve my life and the thought of seeing my family and my girlfriend. Cancer is such an imposing thought that used to be in the front of my mind and overtaking my life, nowadays the thought is in the back of my mind. I think of it from time to time, pinching myself making sure I actually am living. Such a thought. Feels amazing to look back on it sometimes...

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