Tuesday, December 30, 2008


lay down take a breath..
noones here to count your steps
im here to hold your head as you fall asleep
nothing else around but the echo of my voice as i speak
softly and loud enough for you to hear me.
I watch your eyes closed, knowing your far from me.
My hand holding your hand, 
I will never be far away. 
the smoke clears eventually, and grass will eventually grow
How long it takes usually varies, this time I don't know.
I wont leave you to fend by yourself.
Let me help you separate you from everyone else.
you shouldn't have to worry about that.
You do.
I see the white flags growing from your sideburns.
Dont give up.
Take a deep breath. 
I am not your enemy.
I am your partner against this war
Let me in.
Dont fight me.
Lets fight them. 
Just start by waking up from your nightmare
realize I'm part of the dream. 

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