Saturday, January 3, 2009

First Post of 2009

A couple days after one of the best New Years' I have ever had. Spending it with Steve, Jenny, Edgar, Jen and my girlfriend Maria, I look back on last year at this time. I was in LA, with Seton and a bunch of my friends. It was a fun New Years. I left and came home to many uncertainties. This year, I come home to many possibilities and certainties. I have Maria, a very positive, learning part of my life. Each day we're together is new and absolutely inspiring. I have the book, that I will complete in the next couple of months, that I hope will lead me to a different direction in my career. I am flooded with a deep feeling of excitement about her and my career.  As a song I always listen to right before New Years, "Jet Black New Year"- Thursday, "this year will be better than the last".

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